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Never again

"I don't know what I did to deserve this.  I gave my best into this relationship" Tina cried. "It is alright  dear. It is painful but you know you cannot, you can't force what he does...

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Restore by Faith

         There came a storm that took all he had away.  The ones he loved,  the ones needed,  the ones wanted. All that he had. But one little thing was left in him, Faith in God. Though the loss...

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There was a man,  Coward was his name. Not his christen name but one gotten from who he was. A man who died many times before his time.  Did he even take a risk? No, he feared, it might end not...

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Omu Iya Dun

Mother's breast milk was the first  meal. The first strength giver, Life saver, Rich it is and full of life.  Living on it made me strong and healthy.  As I grow I left it,  to swallow  morsel...

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Self Medication

Jaye is going towards a chemist.  His friend calls him from a corner.  Juwon Jaye, Jaye! (Juwon looks toward where the sound comes from) Jaye how far? Jaye I am fine.  Juwon  Did you watch...

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God is there.

 The  power-packed special 3 days healing service in Living Fountain Assembly was a loud one as the church spent good money on advertisement and awareness. On these days God moved with wonder as of old....

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When she Found Love

When she found love All through her journey before now, It had been hatred. I mean walking in darkness. A blow from right, A punch from centre. Always with a tale of sorrow to mourn. Making it be...

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I have a Boss Now

I have a boss now  Why act as if you don't know? I have a boss now  I say it this time, you may be sure. I am sorry if I may say,  But you have eyes. Can't  you see my finger? Weldered gold...

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Liken Her to a Flower

A flower, masterly built,  By the crafty hand of the builder of all things  No guile, no error for His hands never err So she is.  So glorious, all glorious  So beautiful, all beautiful. Precious,...

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A Crave for Peace

(Under their play-tree,  Williams, Hannah and Esther are sited talking on a serious issue they watched in the news last night) Esther I saw them as well,  children subjected to suffering, homeless,...

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Bye Forever

Joan  I am saying bye forever. If you see me come back to you. Look into my face and call me a fool. Willy Go away, I am done with you. I won't wait till that time, I will call you a fool now. Fool...

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I love myself

     I had lived at a time in my life , the way I can best describe as 'living to please others' I was all given out to what others think, what they felt, neglecting my own very self.  Until  I realised...

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Mr. Kiss Specialist

Three friends meets in front of ComiD's house.  ComiD Have you heard? AliD That what? ComiD Can't you even guess? AliD Your trap caught a rat. ComiD Not only a rat,  it is a rodent.  AliD  Tell...

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Kiss Me One More Time

Kiss me one more time, Let me feel your love. I can never get tired of it. Hold my hands, Look straight into my eyes, Let me see your heart  beating with  love so tangible. It triggers my heart...

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So Help me God

(Williams, Esther and Hannah are playing under the big tree.  Hannah has come to be their friend since the day they helped her. They are talking about their future career. ) [b]Hannah [/b] I want to...

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