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Show some Love

[Esther and William are going down to the big tree.  They see Hannah crying, she has fallen down and cannot get up without help.] Esther Let's go help her. Williams I don't know her. Why should...

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Who God Uses.

(Two instrumentalist) Brother Emeka is a good instrumentalist.  He plays piano for church services. When he plays nothing special happens because he believes in his skills and sure he can play but the...

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Beautiful Distractor

Sitting down Jejely, Quietly  waiting for my turn. This beautiful distractor comes over to my side, Making all the attempt. Do I really care? Firm in the chest. Moderate on the back side, Tall...

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Be a Help to Mum

[Williams sits under a tree, crying. Esther comes around excitedly.] Esther  Hey williams, I have got a surprise  for you. [She gets no response. She moves close to him and sees Williams crying] What...

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Neglected Gift

(Pastor Julius sits in his parlour thinking. He is young in ministry. He do see how people trouped out of pastor James church after service. He is wondering how he is able to do that.) Pastor Julius  (He...

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Secret sin

Brother Emeka Onyeeze is a devoted member of Living Fountain Assembly. He is in two units in the church. He joins the sanctuary keepers on Saturdays to clean the church in preparation for the Sunday service....

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To be or Not to be.

I am a child born in this age. My soul is heavy.  My mind is is divided. Which way do I go? What  do I choose ? I met this age so wide and far.  So strong and weak. There seem to be two lane; Good...

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Williams meets Esther

[Esther sits under a big tree alone. She does not look happy. She has no one to play with. Williams walks down that way, he sees Esther and speaks to her.)  Williams Hello!  Esther Hello! How are...

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Flavour from Mother's Kitchen

The wind brings flavour from the kitchen.  Oh, sweet as ever. It turns the mouth on. Always ready to eat even in down times. That is mother's handiwork! Good at what she does. Whether with big or...

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And I stopped yelling

Before now I had the mindset that to be a strong father, I have to yell on the kids to correct them. I did this continousely until I found out that my kids were coming fearful in nature, not friendly with...

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Saved by your Own Salvation

     The heavens opened , it was like the day of the end, when all things will come to an end. There was a great gate, the son of man sat with the angels. They allow every one who had satisfied their...

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Rhythm of your Heart.

Laying in your hands, I can feel the rhythm of your heart. It speaks to me.  Of love  and compassion embedded in there. It tells me clearly of the assurance. It is so loud, It speaks of trust and...

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A Lesson from my Daughter.

      One thing I do do wrong then was, beating my  wife.  I gave her all things and took care of my children but I found it easy to beat her. May be because  of  my background, women in our side...

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I am Angry with my Mum

I just  came back from work now and I heard Vero, our housemaid, had been sent packing. When I asked,  Abdul,  the gateman,  he said that it was an ignoble exit.  For crying out loud why would she...

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Too Late to Have me

    Many may say this, others may say that, but one thing I know is, it is too late to have me. I am used to this kind of life that I leave now and I don't want  to go  back.  I have been like this...

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