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Postponed Salvation

Scene one (Two friends, James and Martins, are seated in the office, James uses the lunch time to speak  to Martin.) James It is about what I have been talking to you about. It is all about Jesus....

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A Shocker from my Son

     Men,  you need to spend time with your children. You may ask,  for what? I tell you,  it is for you to know what is going on in their minds,  the world  they embed there which will later be...

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Weak and Fading.

   I almost lost one of my daughters last week. Only God, could have saved me in such a case. It was all my fault, I accept my fault here. You see, whenever my kids come to me to say 'Dad, Cynthia is...

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Undesirable Epistle II

(Two friends seat in a room.  One has come to visit the other. One is a christain while other is a pagan.) Joy I don't get to see you these days. I decided to come to your house to check on your wellbeing....

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Iya Akebaje

Enikan ni n bi mo, igba eniyan ni n wo. Eniyan kan ole da omo bi bi eniyan kan ose le da je eniyan. Die nibi, die lohun, ni gbogbo re fi n di odidi. Iya Akebaje o mon be rara, oro pe apa ohun nikan le...

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From father's point of view I

'Pon  Pon' Honey's car horn sounded  the children burst out from wherever they were playing and working  'Mum is back,  mum is back' they shouted and went out to welcome her. Moment later, I would...

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Out of my Comfort Zone

I had always love it so soft. I believed in fate and I was so fortunate, things do come my way with ease. My schooling, my service year, getting a job- they were all smooth. But deep down within me, there...

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Love me on

As the bird find warmth in its nest, So find in you heart, Cause you open it to me, And assured me a home. As a fish  thrives in water So I thrive  in your love, For you gave the peace, And...

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Ko le baje

Kole baje Odami lo ju, ko le baje. Ohun ti Oluwa base Ko le baje. Alasepe ni olorun Kin se ise re labo Kin sore ede Kin se ore etan  Adiitu ni ise re Ko fasiri re sowo eda kan Bo ba ti se, oti...

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Undesirable Epistle

[A young christian man (Julius) comes into a compound to speak the word of God to the people living there.  It is a block of  flats rented by people from different backgrounds, tribes  and religions....

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Betrayal Go Wrong

[b]Episode[/b] I       Disappointment sometimes can be a blessing in disguise, so learn to discern such when it comes. My own story thought me this and I am going to share with you. I had lived ‘dirty’...

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Akosejaye Kola so pe; ologo omo ni. Okiki re yo Kan.  Akosejaye Bola so pe; ina re oju bintin. Ogo re oju resu resu.  Kola bere si ni nsere; odaju ohun yo ga, omo ologo ni ohun. Bola kira bo ise...

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I gave you my heart, You shattered it. Now you seek a heart to dwell. You have forgotten nemesis. Fire set against others come back to burn the setter.  Seek on, May be you will find.  I pray

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My Father's will

I was born with the silver spoon but my father tried as much as possible  to make us strong and independent. When we were growing up, he purposely made us pass through some tough time unlike other rich...

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