Poetry Section


There was a man,  Coward was his name. Not his christen name but one gotten from who he was. A man who died many times before his time.  Did he even take a risk? No, he feared, it might end not ......


Omu Iya Dun

Mother's breast milk was the first  meal. The first strength giver, Life saver, Rich it is and full of life.  Living on it made me strong and healthy.  As I grow I left it,  to swallow  morsel ......


When she Found Love

When she found love All through her journey before now, It had been hatred. I mean walking in darkness. A blow from right, A punch from centre. Always with a tale of sorrow to mourn. Making it be ......


I have a Boss Now

I have a boss now  Why act as if you don't know? I have a boss now  I say it this time, you may be sure. I am sorry if I may say,  But you have eyes. Can't  you see my finger? Weldered gold ......


Liken Her to a Flower

A flower, masterly built,  By the crafty hand of the builder of all things  No guile, no error for His hands never err So she is.  So glorious, all glorious  So beautiful, all beautiful. Precious, ......


Kiss Me One More Time

Kiss me one more time, Let me feel your love. I can never get tired of it. Hold my hands, Look straight into my eyes, Let me see your heart  beating with  love so tangible. It triggers my heart ......


Cry of a Dad

She waited patiently for dad's return He had given his promise as usual "I will be at your end of the year's party" The day approached, she expected him, But he didn't come. A night to the ......


Beautiful Distractor

Sitting down Jejely, Quietly  waiting for my turn. This beautiful distractor comes over to my side, Making all the attempt. Do I really care? Firm in the chest. Moderate on the back side, Tall ......


To be or Not to be.

I am a child born in this age. My soul is heavy.  My mind is is divided. Which way do I go? What  do I choose ? I met this age so wide and far.  So strong and weak. There seem to be two lane; Good ......


Flavour from Mother's Kitchen

The wind brings flavour from the kitchen.  Oh, sweet as ever. It turns the mouth on. Always ready to eat even in down times. That is mother's handiwork! Good at what she does. Whether with big or ......


Rhythm of your Heart.

Laying in your hands, I can feel the rhythm of your heart. It speaks to me.  Of love  and compassion embedded in there. It tells me clearly of the assurance. It is so loud, It speaks of trust and ......


Love me on

As the bird find warmth in its nest, So find in you heart, Cause you open it to me, And assured me a home. As a fish  thrives in water So I thrive  in your love, For you gave the peace, And ......



I gave you my heart, You shattered it. Now you seek a heart to dwell. You have forgotten nemesis. Fire set against others come back to burn the setter.  Seek on, May be you will find.  I pray ......


Lean on me

Lean on me. I have got the large heart to get your back. You have been disappointed,  Your trust shattered, Your kindness taken for a fool, Your emotions trampled on, You seems not to believe in ......


In the name of love

In the name of love, You entered my house. In the name of love,  You entered my heart. In the name  of love , You entered my body. You tore my clothe, You rip my heart, You weary my body. And  ......