Pastor Sola was a man called by God with great promises. He went into ministry with enthusiasm that he would become big and great. Things did not go the way he thought and he decided to seek God's face.
One faithful Monday, Pastor James was in his bed room with a book pad on his kneels praying to God.

Pastor Sola
These are the things you said Lord. 
You said you will make this ministry great.
You said the trumpet of it would be blow globally.
You said many will be save through this ministry.
 You said it light will shine even into darkest part.
I believed and I came in but it had not seen it the way you said it. It has been struggle everyday. A step forward two steps backward.

This case had been because you have not dealt with root matter. The ancestral grip. The generational curses. The principality and powers. Evil covenants. The forces of the wicked that had held your fathers bond. The evil that devour destinies in your father's house.

Pastor Sola
But I have been redeemed. I have given my life to Jesus Christ.

You  have. When you became born again,  you were empowered to conquer them, note that they would still try to stop you, it is in your hand to address  them but you have not. You have not put them in their place. You have authority over them but you have not put them where they belong. Contend for your liberation. Rise up in faith, take them by violence and destroy their hold over your life. 

Pastor Sola
Hmm! Thank you Jesus.

Immediately Pastor  Sola began to pray, addressing these issues. It was a big war but he stood by faith. He declared war on these forces that won't allow his ministry  to grow even though many that had risen under his ministry were rising to greater heights. The forces that would target his time of progress and attack it,  the forces that attracted to his ministry people who would never allow him to rise above the ancestral set limitations. It was a revelation  worth having and  war worth warring. It took him fasting, prayers and meeting with higher anointed men of  God.  He followed  certain instructions and then the heaven  opened. The veil of darkness were off, those who could not stay left for over to replace them. Things began to change gradually until pastor Shola came to know that God was never a liar. But man must deal with certain root matters to get beyound limitation.

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