Lies at First Sight.

     I went to keep an appointment with my workaholic brother in his office on a cool tuesday, while waiting for him, it was time for launch. I went to help myself with a plate of choice food. Whenever I am not fasting I try to eat very well. Right there where I was sited on my chair expecting my meal. I saw a young lady sited two seats away from mine, she was beautiful. Dark and glittering, she had a moderate big eyes with a normal size mouth. She was tall in height and moderately fat (not orobo not lepa) She was dressed in a white shirt on a black trouser suit with a black shoe. She sat quietly eating jollog rice and soft drink.
     I couldn't hold my eyes away for a long time. I look at her ones and again and then again with thought on my mind. After the first look, others were full of thoughts on my mind. I had couple of girls on my hand but I did not have any of them in mind for marriage. They were good in their own ways but I was just playing my game with them. Her picture brought settlement into my mind and I was ready with what I saw. I love to have her by my side immediately. I kept on looking at her until she noticed me with my mind making conclusions. The mind is so fast, whosoever can't control it is doom. I thought many thing right there and made up my mind. I decided not to stand up to say anything to avoid resturant stunt but she noted me.
     I sat until she stood up eligantly and walked smartly away in her wooing steps. As she went her way, my mind went with her. I was captivated on the spot and made enquiry. I asked the attendant about her and she told me she was from the other office, next to my brother's. That was good. I planned to visit her latter. Happy I was with this and I decided to take steps. Instead of going to her office I went home after I had seen my brother to set things right. I got somethings in place and cleared the whole house as if I was expecting an inspector. My cars were in good shape but I decided  to work on them.  I checked my self and saw to it that everything was in place. I placed other girls on cold level, I was up for something big. I had the intention to let them go when she accepted me.
     The moment I saw that  I was ready.  I went to my uncle's office and then checked on her,  it was a bright heart day,  I love what I saw. She was dresses in Ankara with light bead (she has a good fashion sense).  When I stepped into her office she seemed to recognize me and gave a knowing smile.  I smiled broadly and greeted her.
Hello madam, how are you today?

I am fine and you?

I am good.

You can have your sit sir.
(I sat down with cautioned courtesy)
How is work?

Fine, thank you!
(She looked at me with expectations to hear my gist)

My name is John Agboola.  I will go straight  to my purpose. Since the day I had seen you, my mind had been with you. That is why I am here.  I don't know if you are free.  I mean, if you are not in a serious relationship. I will like to have you with marriage in view.
(She was quiet  for a while)

This is too big to decide on a spot.  I need to think over it. Besides, I don't even know you.
I am John Oreoluwa Agboola.  A lawyer by profession  with good business acumen . I am from Ayedun.  I am a younger  brother to Mr Israel Agboola,  the director of  D&D company. 

Good.  Mr Israel is a good man.  Just give me a little time and I will get back to you.

My mind was racing to the other side on what she was going to think over. I am very sure I had not lied so I was at peace. We exchanged contact and I left.
It was like I had it all, getting  close to her,  she was more beautiful and as we talked, I got attracted the more.  I began to call and check on her and things fell in place. We started going out. Not long into the relationship , I knew I had missed it.  Shade was not the girl I wanted.  She was unforgiving,  bitter and good at malice. She was full of envy and strive.  She saw me as one to comepete with,  it was not fun for me. Life became tough and I lost my peace. From malice to strive; she had no peace within her.  We  sometimes fight and tend to use sharp object to hurt one another.  There wasn't any girl  that I had dated that gave me quarter of  the problem like she brought. And she was not ready to learn or change.
            With same speed my mind accepted her,  it also rejected her. She was what I can call an acid.  After the strive her beauty will want to pin me down but her content was miserable. I knew I had no mind for that if I don't want die young.  So I cut off and had my peace. I didn't stress much,  I went for the best of the ones I had on hand and send others away. If not for nature and society demand I would have said bye to women totally,  the little moment with her was hell. Since that time,  beauty  of a lady doesn't move me oneb bit.  I simply held to the bossom of the one I have. If can say here, it is better to be satisfied  with  what you have than looking for uncertainty. Never take outer beauty for perfection.

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You should never be quick to make decision based on facial beauty, there is more.

one year ago
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