Kiss Me One More Time

Kiss me one more time,
Let me feel your love.
I can never get tired of it.
Hold my hands,
Look straight into my eyes,
Let me see your heart  beating with  love so tangible.
It triggers my heart to bubble.
I have built my  world round you cause you are so true.
And that is the way you have been.

Through this journey,
We have stood  as one
Storms glued us the more, never tearing us,
Making the duo indivisible.
You make me feel love even when I feel messed.
I rode on the wings of your love and won.
Never sure I am sure of any as I am of your love.
Cause it is so tangible.
I see it more than I feel it.

Your love warms my cold heart.
Gives strength in wearing times.
 Makes  me happy even nothing seems there to be happy for.
It lightens my heart even when the dark cloud gather.
You have become the assurance you gave.
I love you more than the occen can move.
Love you more than season can change.
Love you more than gossip can spread.
Love you more than conspiracy  can break. 
Cause you first love me.

And in this night as we are together
Sharing life in it cold and hot, 
I feel blessed to have you.
You never gave a reason to doubt.
Like this moment should not end;
The  moment l lay in your hands
In the peace  and calmness of your passion  and  compassion.
It wil end but our love thrives on.
We both carry each other in the heart. 
You have won me.
Cause you gave  me your all.

6 months ago
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