Bye Forever

I am saying bye forever. If you see me come back to you. Look into my face and call me a fool.

Go away, I am done with you. I won't wait till that time, I will call you a fool now. Fool of all time.

(My head sparks) Yes you can say that again. I have left  all to be with you, I have been sent away and I come back again pleading, seeking for acceptance but not any more. If you ever see me around you, I tell you look into my face and call me a fool.

     And that was the last time I stepped his side. My name is Joan, I am just a little above twenty. I fell in love with this guy, Williams and he took me for a ride. May be because I never knew what love should be or what I worth. Let me share with you to further help me forgive my stupidity, if I may say.
   I met him down our street immediately I finished my NYSC. I had a fast education so by twenty I was through with my first degree. Things rolled into things and we claimed to be in a relatioship. I was obsessed with him, I had him all over my thought. It was as if he had proposed to me, I told him all thing and opened my world to him. I cut off friends just for us. He was my excuse of not having nice time with friends we have been together for long. When family told me to ride gently, I told them to please allow me, to find the one you love wasn't easy(smile), on that matter , we were not in term , my family and I.
Willy seemed to have seen how childish love made me(he was about 25), he began to be stupid. I don't know may be he was doing these things to make me sad at a misunderstanding, he would say, it was over. As if my world was about to crash, I would cry and will start pleading. He would play funning then agree over and over again. He did that again and I got pissed. Even sometimes when it was his fault, he would try to play smart and I will still beg him. The last before the last, I made up my mind that that would be truly the last. So this day, I went to his house and met some suspicious things and I asked him about it. He took it up and he began to say this and that. I responded sharply unlike before and he did his worse, said bye. And  I told him ' I have said bye before and come back, this is the very last one. If you see me call me a fool' and that was it. He thought I was going to come back but I had vowed to myself. Reality dawn on him that I wasn't coming back. He tried to call, text (It was clear that he was just been stupid) but no, I had made my mind up. Aside that, I was beginning to have a nice time with friends and family again. The freedom which I had and the family love was all that could strengthened my soul. I moved on with my the reality of my life. I am too young to ground my life I put in for master and faced my job. Now, I love better, I love with sense not leaving my irreplaceable family and good friends  for a new comer.  I advice young heart like me to love with sense. 
Love is a beautiful thing.

6 months ago
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