Restore by Faith

         There came a storm that took all he had away.  The ones he loved,  the ones needed,  the ones wanted. All that he had. But one little thing was left in him, Faith in God. Though the loss shook him but he held that which remain; Faith in God. It was as if it was going to drop by the pain of the loss, word of sympathy and reproach, the zero state he met himself.  They were like thorn that rose to devoured his faith but he held to it. ' God is my heritage in the land of the living,  though lost all,  God is my sufficiency' 

     Sitting, not knowing  what to pick,  where to start from. Not knowing what to pick to mould anything out of nothing,  the Lord came and gave him hope,  joy and peace. With time he crowned it with blessings. His life became greater than before.  Waiting on God for restoration  as He said 'I will restore the years that had been eaten up' he never allowed his predicament to make him lost his trust in God,  though challenging he stood with God till a turning came. It came and it was bigger than before. 
      For the recovery of that loss, trust in God,  don't allow the pain to pin your faith. You Will recover all. It is well. 

5 months ago
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