Never again

"I don't know what I did to deserve this.  I gave my best into this relationship" Tina cried.
"It is alright  dear. It is painful but you know you cannot, you can't force what he does not want on him" Sophia replied
'I have heard you. Thank you. I can't tell how much of me had gone into this relationship. I hate to have a thought of this" Tina cried
"It's OK my friend.  You have to be strong" Sophia replied
"I will be" Tina replied 
     Tina had just had a shocking break up with his boy friend. They seemed perfect before the then,  they sparked the envy of many and Tina gave all to it.  Tina had thought she was okay with the relationship  and was expecting more. At a time,  Tade started changing  his ways.  Little lie,  neglect,  confrontation. She tried all she could but she seemed to be on the losing side at the entire lose. Tade bid her bye. She sobbed and cried like a child. She sent friends to him. Many who were close to them and love them together came in but he said no. 
     In as much they had pleaded with him and he refuse,  people minded their business. Those who cared help strengthened Tina.  She was single again and free. On Tade side,  it was found out that he was in a hot relationship  with a girl she met not quite long. They moved together  making many to wonder with their open display  of love. Life continued with them until  Tade loss everything  to her. The new girl, Jane,  had promised to help Tade get visa. She presented evidences to him making him feel relax that she was capable. Little demand here and there costed much and it all ended in nothing. Jane traveled alone with much of the support of Tade's money. Tade got to know, he had been played upon. He felt like dying,  all the little  he had was gone. 
     After he had settled a little. He came back to Tina  to apologize. As expected, he was deceived,  he was blinded,  he was this and that.  He was sorry. Tina forgave him but told him with all boldness that all about the relationship  was pure over. She made him understood that they could  not be friends. He got some people  to help him but Tina stood her ground  and told them no. She was done with the relationship. She was grown  enough to make a choice so she was left alone. She had insisted no because who a man is never leave him. If he could leave such a relationship  because of a travel distraction, he could eventually leave again with another form of distraction. The was how tade ended  up  in losing in both sides. He lost a relationship  of years,  he lost all he had saved over the years. 

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