No Atonement, No Sacrifice

Go and Honour your Parents 

The labour of years,
Right from youthful days.
The drumless dance,
The striving sweat,
The day father go hungry for  all to eat, 
The day mother ask to feed the children,
The love of the heart,
The passion of the soul,
The forgiveness,
The overlook,
He forgot all and honoured them not.
The strength was weak,
But they still labour to eat.
From where do you want manna to fall? 
Heaven or roof?
Weak belly, going empty to sleep.
The cloth worn out,
The house not too tidy,
Almost falling.
But you live in affluence
You eat your choice
And wear the moment best
All good with you
The first labourers suffer in almost fallen home.

Then to you another, rude.
Whatever they say, is a jab talk.
You feel you have all
Or you are no longer satisfied with them
No matter who they are,
They deserve honour.

Then the storm began,
The strange wind come from the unknown.
A stumble, a stumbling block.
A hindrance, a setback,
You cry, you mourn,
Oh! The wicked are dead.
Awofa save me or I die.

What is the sacrifice? I ask
The sacrifice I will carry even if it is in the broad day light
The arm of cow, the egg of quail, the head of goat, whatever
The invisible force are pursuing me
All turning upside down,
Help me.

Awofa consults the gods
'No sacrifice, no atonement'
'Then should the world collapse?'

'Where are your parents?'
'When last did you visit them?'
'Six month'
The gods said,
Go and honour your parents
Their hungry belly
Their unhealthy skin
The fear of their falling house
Their thoughts in pain and silent cry
All come to the gods.

But I send to them when I have
"When do you usually have? You eat to stupor here and forget your parents who have no strength to work.  Your when you have is when you have extra excess. 
Go and care for them and things will turn good.

Then came the other one
My head o, my neck o, my leg o, my hand, the belly runs.
Oh Awofa.

Awofa said,
You have dishonour your parents
You look down on them
And talk to them rudely
No sacrifice, no atonement

Go and honour them or your day shall be cut short.
'I am dying, you are talking about those people, leave them, I will show them'
   Go and honour your parent, you shall heal. 

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